Do you have weak/fragile/unhealthy nails? Make it strong & healthy naturally
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Do you have weak/fragile/unhealthy nails? Make it strong & healthy naturally

Everybody needs their nails to grow fast and strong. They add excellence to your hands. Also, healthy nail growth reflects the condition of your overall health. As that of hair, nails also are made of the same protein, called keratin. That’s why like we are using organic hair care products to have shiny, strong and beautiful hair, we should use chemical free beauty products for our nails. No matter what caused the nails to weaken, essential oils like lavender essential oil and jojoba carrier oil can help strengthen and thicken your nails, returning them to a shiny and healthy condition.

Fingernails grow quicker than toenails, in spite of the fact that growth is still very slow.

Fingernails — composed of covered layers of a protein called keratin — grow from the region at the base of the nail under your cuticle. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or sections. They’re uniform in colour and consistency and free of spots or staining. You can also apply keratin rich essential oils including lavender essential oillemongrass essential oil, and peppermint essential oil over your nails. You can have a look on how to get rid of hair loss naturally by utilizing the keratin rich essential oils, because keratin is essential for both hair as well as nails.

Bones and fingernails are firmly associated with each other; your nails may really provide you a visual look of the state of your bones. They can act as an indicator of other health issues.

Sometimes fingernails grow harmless vertical ridges that run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Vertical ridges have a tendency to become more prominent with age. Fingernails can likewise develop white lines or spots because of injury, yet these eventually grow out with the nail. Not all nail conditions are typical, however. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you notice:

  • Changes in nail colour, for example, discoloration of the whole nail or a dark streak under the nail
  • Changes in nail shape, such as curled or twisted nails
  • Thinning or thickening of the nails
  • Separation of the nail from the encompassing skin
  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Swelling or pain around the nails
  • Failure of nails to grow out

Causes & Risk Factors 

What is the reason for brittle nails? Brittle nails can essentially be the consequence of aging, repetitive or lengthy presentation to water and chemicals (like cleaning materials), not using natural cosmetic products for removing nail polish, which can damage the nails very harshly, as well as from wearing nail polish for significant periods of time. In many cases, all of these causes can easily happen in the meantime.

Brittle or crumbly nails can likewise be caused by:

  • A fungal nail infection
  • A skin condition that can influence the nails called lichen planus
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Nail psoriasis
  • Reactive arthritis (a less common reason)

When somebody has a thyroid infection, they can experience both brittle nails and hair loss. Thyroid issues are more typical in ladies and hypothyroidism is especially known for causing brittle nails. Hypothyroidism implies the thyroid isn’t delivering enough of the hormones that it should and this can lead to a slow metabolism. According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, when the metabolism slows down, at that point the body sweats less. Because sweat is a natural moisturizer for the body, less sweat can lead to skin becoming dry and nails becoming brittle. To avoid the thyroid problem or Hypothyroidism, you can use several essential oils like lemongrass essential oilpeppermint essential oil, clove essential oil etc. In several studies, it is found that toenails are frequently affected by fungus. So, to avoid fungal effects, you can apply some essential oils like Moroccan Argan oilextra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and rose hip oil.

With regards to nail health, a common search on the web is “brittle nails vitamin deficiency.” So, could your brittle nails be caused by lack of vitamin? According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, internal illness or vitamin deficiencies are actually behind brittle nails. In any case, if a vitamin deficiency is behind brittle nails, it’s most likely to be a deficiency in iron. So, this implies that people with an iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia can probably have brittle nails. Another interesting tip from the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology is that if your fingernails appear to be weak, but your toenails appear perfectly healthy and strong, then an external reason of brittle nails is more probable.

In addition to deficiency, other risk factors for brittle nails include:

  • Frequent hand-washing
  • Sunburn
  • Windburn
  • Prolonged exposure to cold, dry climate
  • Exposure to chemicals, for example, nail polish remover
  • Repeated injury or damage to the nail

Did you see a theme with these brittle nail risk factors? Besides damage, these are all conditions that can easily lead to a moisture shortage.

Sometimes nails can be brittle and furthermore have ridges. What causes brittle nails and ridges? Like brittleness, vertical ridges have a tendency to be more common with age. They can likewise result from injury. Other times, ridges can also show other health problems going on inside the body.

how to maintain healthy and strong nails?

1.Reduce Water Exposure

Cleaning and doing dishes all the time is pretty unavoidable, however, it’s extremely trying on your hands and nails. Fortunately, you can simply invest in a good pair of protective gloves that can help prevent and avoid brittle nails. Wearing gloves while you do household chores, particularly ones involving drying hot water and soap, can truly go a long way to save your nails from getting dry and brittle. 

  1.  Moisturize the cuticles with oil.

Dry nails are brittle nails. While you might need to keep away from an excess of water on the outside when it comes to brittle nails, you certainly don’t want to slack on your internal water intake. Remaining hydrated with water as well as water-rich healthy foods like watermelon and cucumbers is an extraordinary way to moisturize your nails, skin, and hair from the inside. To lessen splitting and breaking, rub a natural lotion or moisturizing cream or applying organic oils like olive oil into the cuticles every day. Petroleum jelly or a thick, greasy hand natural lotion that seals in moisture should do the trick too. You can moisturize your nails with essential oils like Tea tree essential oilMoroccan argan oil, and extra virgin coconut oil. You can get pure, superior quality of essential oils from Owlpure, where you can get best organic beauty products online and now it is considering as the leading organic beauty products and pure essential oils provider in the whole beauty product market. 

  1.  Consider biotin supplements

According to the study, supplementing with biotin (B7) might help treat weak brittle nails. Biotin’s capability to strengthen weak nails was identified after oral dosages of biotin and it isn’t difficult to get biotin to enhance the condition. However, studies have been conducted with very high measures of biotin and it isn’t difficult to get biotin in your diet. A few foods that contain significant measures of biotin include almonds, eggs, sweet potato, onion, tomato, and oats.

  1.   Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsules are cheap and can be an effective method to help the state of your nails. The thick fluid that comes out of a vitamin E capsule is an ideal treatment for brittle nails. You just need to cut one of the capsules and put a little bit of the oil right onto every nail. You can also apply some essential oils like tea tree essential oil, which act as an antibacterial oil and helps to reduce the essential oils fungus occur on the nails. It’s a simple yet exceptionally powerful and rejuvenating treatment for brittle nails.

  1.  Use a Natural Hand Cream

In case you’re struggling with brittle nails, at that point it’s a fantastic idea to moisturize your hands and nails after washing and drying your hands every time. To make it simple to remember, try keeping an incredible organic hand soap near your sink so you can rapidly and easily apply it each time. You can also apply natural lotion or organic shea moisture soap after washing.

  1.  Limit wear and tear.

Difficult work, housework frequent hand washing, and introduction to cleaning chemicals can all tear your nails. Wear gloves during these actions when possible.

  • If nail pressure is unavoidable, possibly because of work-required hand washing, or playing classical guitar, you may need to moisturize several times every day.
  • Type with the stacks of your fingers, not your nails. 
  1.   Eat a healthy diet.

Normally, a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals from food should be enough to avoid nail problems. Some people might get benefits from calcium, iron, zinc, or vitamin B supplements, but only if their diet is low in these substances. Talk to your doctor for more information.

  • Don’t trust myths about gelatin or garlic strengthening nails. These have no noticeable impact when eaten or used to soak the nails.
  • Protein is important to grow fingernails, however not very few people in developed countries are protein-insufficient.
  1.   Broccoli Seed Oil

To provide your nails and cuticles an extremely healthy, natural boost try utilizing broccoli seed oil. This oil made from young broccoli sprouts is loaded with essential fatty acids that are awesome for skin, hair and nail health. Just spot less than a drop of broccoli seed oil directly onto every nail and rub it into the nail bed and cuticle. This is an awesome habit to get into at night before bed so you can wake up with more moisturized nails and cuticles by morning. Extra virgin coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil are other topically restorative oil decisions that can be utilized in a similar fashion to broccoli seed oil for brittle nails.

  1.  File carefully.

Shape nails with a fine-coarseness file (at least 180 grit), staying away from metal files and rough unpleasant boards. File in one direction just, never back and forth. Smoothing without end scratches and rough edges can help avoid breakage, yet stick to this careful methodology.

  • Before filing make sure your nails are totally dry. Continuously wait to file for at least 10 minutes after showering or doing the dishes.
  • Try shaping long nails to an oval, rather than a point or square, to diminish pressure.
  • Never file down the sides of nails, as it can lead to contamination and truly weaken your nails.
  1.  Utilize your own manicure tools only.

Anything that touches your nails should be utilized on your nails only. Sharing files, brushes, and other tools can spread diseases, leading to puffy red cuticles and weak nails.

  • Even an expert nail salon may not clean its instruments properly. Bring your own tools or ensure the salon staff sanitizes their instruments.
  1.  Leave your cuticles alone.

The cuticles at the base of your nails ensure against fungi and bacteria. Cutting them can lead to a contamination that permanently harms the nail bed.

  • Softly pushing your cuticles back can enable you to manage them without extra damage. Soften your cuticles by soaking them in water, then utilize an orange stick to push them back and keep them looking clean.
  • Fake fingernails that stretch over the cuticles also cause hurt. Utilize fake nail tips instead.
  1.  Go without polish 1-2 times a month to let your nails breathe.

Wearing thick clean or wearing polish each day can dry your nails out, making them brittle. Spend at least a couple of days every month without polish to let your nails breathe and maintain their strength. When you do wear polish, always utilize a protective base coat and apply your polish in thin layers.

  1.  Avoid Harsh Nail Polish Remover

Most nail polish removers are stacked with chemicals and have a tendency to dry out the fingernails and toenails. Nail polish removers frequently contain highly toxic chemicals including acetone, formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates. Not only can nail polish removers negatively influence the health of your nails, but the study has also shown they might cause reproductive damage and organ toxicity. They can likewise irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs. That’s why you should use natural cosmetic products for nail remover. Or else you can make your own natural nail remover by adding some essential oils like grapefruit essential oil, orange essential oil and lemon oil.

  1.  Avoid Artificial Nails

Don’t wear artificial nails to cover up nail issues as they might aggravate them. Artificial nails are not prescribed for people who are inclined to fungal infections or have brittle nails.” So, if your nails are brittle, you’ll certainly need to pass on the fake nails.

Topical Solutions for Healthy Nails:-

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can likewise help treat brittle nails, particularly when caused by fungal infections. Being a powerful antiseptic, it helps battle infections. It will likewise help treat discoloured nails.

  1. Mix one-half teaspoon of vitamin E oil and a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil.
  2. Massage this solution on each of your nails and rub softly for a few minutes.
  3. Leave it on for half an hour.
  4. Wash it off with lukewarm water, pat dry and apply a moisturizing lotion.
  5. Do these two times a day for a month.



Moroccan Argan Oil for Nails

Moroccan Argan oil has a high percentage of vitamin E which strengthens nails. This oil is likewise rich with moisturizing characteristics that can prevent your nails from getting to be dry. Dry nails are more brittle and inclined to chipping and breaking. Moroccan Argan oil will help re-establish protein to the nail, helping it to thicken and avoid peeling as well as breaking, enabling you to get rid of expensive and ineffective nail products. Moroccan Argan oil can also have an anti-aging impact on the hands.


Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil for Nail

  • Prevents from nail splitting and breakage
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Softens the finger cuticles.


Application of Moroccan Argan Oil on Nails

To strengthen brittle or weak nails, blend equal parts of Moroccan Argan oil and lemon juice and soak for 10-15 minutes. This treatment won’t just soften your cuticles and reduce nail breakage yet will give your nails a healthy glow also. It is also prescribed to rub a small measure of Moroccan Argan oil in your hands before going to bed to keep up strong and healthy nails.


Extra virgin coconut oil-

Rubbing extra virgin coconut oil into your cuticles and nails on a regular basis will include moisture and strengthen your nails which will give them to grow longer than they’ve ever been.

Nail growth how-to: Massage into your nail beds and fingers in a circular motion before you go to sleep (you’ll need to utilize high quality, extra virgin coconut oil for this).

Cuticle care how-to: Massage extra virgin coconut oil into your cuticles and let it penetrate for at least 30 minutes, yet you can certainly go as long as you can without washing it off (the more, the better!). Doing this will enable strengthen your cuticles, moisturize the skin around your nails and will dispose of hangnails.

Nail fungus how-to: As a natural anti-fungal, extra virgin coconut oil is an amazing solution to get rid of nail fungus (on your fingernails or toenails). Rub the oil into the affected region once it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Repeat these two times a day until the fungus clears.



      Most of the time, brittle nails are only unpleasant to look at and aren’t anything serious. However, they can likewise be an indication of something different going on with your health. Brittle nails can go with iron-deficiency and thyroid problems, so it’s essential to note if you have some other health symptoms and see your doctor if necessary.

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