Owlpure insists on the highest standards for the purpose of secure transactions and also protects your personal data and its privacy carefully. Please read the following data to learn more about our information gathering and the dissemination practices.
Make sure that you are aware of the changes that are taken place in our privacy policy and please review this privacy policy accordingly.
Owlpure is completely committed to protect and safeguard your privacy.

The owlpure privacy policy describes all the types of personal information which is collected on the owlpure website, how can we mutually benefit from such information, how we may use the information and with whom we may have to share the same, the privacy policy also describes the measures that we take to protect the security and data, you are allowed to modify or delete your personal information at any time.

The privacy policy of owlpure also explains how you can object the processing of your personal information or to receive information about your products and services.

By using the website, you clearly permit to our use and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with the privacy policy, if you do not agree with or use our website then this privacy policy is incorporated into the subject to the terms and conditions.

PI and other information:
Owlpure collects your personal identifiable information in order to ensure accurate services. Most of the information that we collect is the basic one which is needed to complete your purchase or to provide refund.

The example information that is collected by our website can include your name, address, gender, telephone number, DOB, email address, about the product information that is purchased, language preference, the operating system of your computer, the IP address, the browser type you are using and the version of the browser.
We are not going to sell, lease or distribute your personal data to the third parties.

We can automatically track certain information about you based upon the behavior on our website, particularly we use this information to do the internal research on the user’s demographics, behavior, interests and for better understanding. Also protects and serves our users accordingly.

The information is completely compiled and analyzed on aggregate basis; this information includes the URL that you just came from, which URL you are going to visit on our site and also your browser information followed by your IP address, Debit card, credit card, and the banking information

Owlpure will never store or collect your credit card, debit card, or any of your banking information as it is directly transmitted through gateway that is provided by payment network or bank.

For taking advantage of some features of the site, you must definitely register and have to create a member account which is for free of cost, this requires an online registration form that is to be filled, the information such as your name, E-mail ID and password.
The password you provide is a component of our security system, and it is our responsibility to protect it. Never share your password with any of the third parties, if your password has been compromised for any of the reasons then we will ask you to change your password immediately.

Technologies allow us to customize your experience on owlpure:
We use different technologies in order to collect information relating to website, such as the URL that referred to our website, IP address, browser language, browser type, time and date of your request and many.

This basically enables us to customize and enhance your experience on our website, we collect the IP address for identifying your device and indicate geographical region for statistical purposes, we also make use of these technologies in combinations with the personal information that you provide on our website, the technologies may provide a variety of information such as – whether you have already visited owlpure or is this the first time that you are visiting and also may enable you to save your preferences.

How we use your PI?
We use your personal information only to provide services that are requested by you, to the extent we use your personal information only to market you, we also provide you the ability to opt-out all the uses, we use your personal information to resolve the disputes, helps in promoting a safe service, also troubleshoot problems, in collection of money, what is the consumer interest in our products and services, gives you detail information about offline and online offers, services, products, and updates, also to customize your experience, to detect and protect you against fraud, error, and all about the criminal activities, about the terms and conditions and also will describe you at the time of collection.

What are the mutual benefits of your PI?
Marketing emails:
In case if you choose to leave your email address with us then we would deliver the information to your via emails such as our newsletters, surveys or other mails containing event and product information, promotions, cosmetics tips and many. If at any time if you would not like to receive emails then you may select the “unsubscribe“link or can edit your personal information to stop the emails.

Text messages:
If you would like to leave your telephone number then you may receive text messages and SMS alerts which contains our product information and the event information, on your personal mobile phone. Also note that we will never send you any unsolicited message on your mobile phone. Owlpure does not charge any fee for you to receive any of the text messages from us.

If you choose to leave your mobile phone number or landline number on our website then you may receive phone calls about the product and event information, on your mobile phone or landline.

Communications to serve:
If you choose to provide us the contact information, we provide you with the related announcements regarding the offers and about the products through email, letters and contact you regarding the customer service requests or questions.

For example: all the registered users will receive a welcoming email just to confirm their registration, these types of communications are necessary to serve you, in order you can respond your concerns and to provide the high level of customer service that owlpure offers to its customers and users.

Customized services:
We use your personal data which you have chosen to provide us on our website, for example, we may suggest products which would be of particular interest to you and this type of customized information can be conveyed to you in the form of emails or text messages and phone calls.

Advertisements on Owlpure:
We prefer using third party advertising companies in order to serve ads when customers visit our website, these companies may use information about your visits to the website and other sites to provide advertisements about the goods and services that you are interested in. we are not responsible with respect to your visits to any such websites and providing information.

Links to other sites:
Only in some conditions we may make available a link to a third party website, these links will let you leave the portal. The linked sites are not controlled by us and we are not taking any responsibility for the privacy practices or the contents of any linked website or any link contained in a linked site, or updates to such sites, we are not ready to take any responsibilities for webcasting or any other form of transmission that is received from any of the linked site.

Security precautions:
We have put in place the reasonable measures to protect the personal information which is contained in our data bases, measure are taken in order to prevent unauthorized access and also to maintain appropriate accuracy and use.
The data is transmitted in association with Owlpure online store which is encrypted and is secured by SSL as per the international standards.

Policy change:
Our privacy policy may change with time, we will never reduce your rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent, we always post any of the privacy policy changes on the website and if the changes seem significant then we will provide a prominent notice which can keep the privacy policy in an archive for users review.