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100% Natural, Chemical & Soap Free, Handmade Face Wash contains Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Carbopol, Distilled water Organic and 100% pure Skincare product: Free from harsh chemicals like...


100% Natural, Chemical & Soap Free, Handmade Face Wash contains Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Carbopol, Distilled water

Organic and 100% pure Skincare product:

  • Free from harsh chemicals like
  • No SLS & No SLES (Harmful Chemicals that give lather)
  • No Parabens & Pthalates which lead to skin Toxicity
  • No Propylene Glycol (A chemical Binding Agent)
  • No Dyes / Synthetic Colours which lead to Skin cancer

Usage: Detoxify & Rejuvenate your facial skin without Foam or Lather naturally as it does not have SLS. Use Twice a day for better results.



Owlpure Organic face wash helps you attain a glowing and charming skin. It penetrates to the deeper layers of skin providing a cleansing effect. The face wash revitalizes the outer layers giving it a nice sheen.

Owlpure Organic face wash comprises Aloe Vera gel, glycerin, Vitamin C powder, Triethanolamine, and cool water.

The absence of Sodium lauryl sulfate from the mix avoids the dangers of lethal side effects like cancer, endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity etc. Because of the non-existence, the lather is also not formed.


Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is an extraction from the succulent leaves of the Aloe plant. The gel has been in use since the mid-1900s primarily as a moisturizer but also as a healing agent and has had a strong say in nutritional drinks as well.

It is derived by the means of cutting out leaves from the plant and scooping out the gel lying in it.

One thing to note is the fact that if the extraction process is carried out three hours after the leaves have been plucked out, you are putting the lucidity of the gel at risk.


Glycerin as a polyol compound is simply used for treating skin. It is also termed as glycerol. Glycerin is a moisturizing giant whose primary objective is to defend against dryness.

Glycerin, when used on face, can work wonders. Its ability to keep up the moisture levels throughout the day is second to none.

Not only that, the compound changes the look and feel of your skin for the better enabling an elegant and supple touch.

Vitamin C powder

Vitamin C works against aging. The free atoms or electrons without a pairing can have their toll on the skin resulting in aging.

It serves as a wonderful beauty product. The antioxidant stalwart plays a pivotal role in collagen production. It secures the skin from any sort of environmental damage, marks, and spots etc.

Free radicals have a massive impact on the aging process. Consumption of adequate Vitamin C can control their influence.

Another impressive thing about Vitamin C powder is that it is enormously useful in healing wounds and connecting tissues.



Triethanolamine has proved itself to be an excellent cosmetic product in the past. This is emphasized by the fact that it has been widely used as an eyeliner, blusher, mascara, foundation etc.

Ammonia and ethylene oxide combine to produce triethanolamine. It can be used in a mask just as well it is used as a fragrance.

The amine can also be deployed to perform the cleansing action. It carries this out by converting the fatty acids to salts forming a substantial base.


  • pH levels

The ingredient’s primary objective is to hold the pH levels of the facewash together.  It seems that the pH levels are anything between 4.5 and 5.5.

Triethanolamine makes sure the face wash sticks to the skin for a duration of time without being runny or soggy.

  • Aids Emulsion

Due to its watery nature, the emulsion is a very good option for people carrying an oily skin. It acts just like a moisturizer revamping the facial area.

Triethanolamine helps in reducing the surface tension whereby it enables the formation of emulsion which then plays its part in allowing water and any oil-soluble to blend.

  • Surfactant

Another admirable purpose triethanolamine serves is its ability to get two compounds that do not generally get along, to mix and disperse in one another.

It is not necessary that each and every component used in producing Owlpure Organic face wash mix and blend with every other component. This is where the surfactant ability of triethanolamine comes in handy.

Cold water

Cold water is effective in tightening up the pores to keep hold of the moisture. In contrast to hot water which opens up the pores and gets rid of the impurities, cold water can reassure the skin.

As a result of the tightened pores, there will be better blood circulation and a nice glow along with it.

How to use Owlpure Organic Face Wash:

  • Wash your hands clean and tidy.
  • Wet your facial area using lukewarm water.
  • Squeeze an ounce of Owlpure Organic face wash on to your palms.
  • Gently rub it on to your face with little pressure in circular motions for about a minute.
  • Sweep off the face wash with lukewarm water.
  • Do not rub the skin dry instead, pat it gently using a towel


    The natural ingredients and all the benefits that come along with them make this face wash a go-to for anyone looking to enhance their look and feel of the facial area.

    It could act as a simple cleansing agent that would get rid of all the dust particles absorbed by your face over the course of a day.

    On the other end of the scale, it can work towards improving the texture of your skin having a long-term effect in terms of wrinkles and aging.

    In the meantime, it can also attend to acne, moisturize the dry areas, protect against pimples and blackheads, cuts and burns, makeup remover, and a whole heap of other things.

    Owlpure Organic face wash is produced on the back of ingredients like glycerin, Aloe Vera gel, triethanolamine, Vitamin C powder, and cold water.


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